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Professional Make-Up and Hair, Production Company based in New York City, New York. Discover their portfolio and business ventures. On Location or at our studio. Contact with inquiries. NYC Makeup Artist , Hair Stylist .


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Neon Fix

The dry season is known for drying out our skin and perhaps the most annoying part would be our lips, its a struggle to keep our lips moist during this season. Dry lips can be really annoying and uncomfortable and there are different methods you can use to sooth your weather beaten lips. We must also avoid certain foods, fruits and products this season. Here is what you do to avoid or cure dry and chapped lips;

Healthy Lips

Healthy Lips

1. Drink lots of water; this might sound like a cliche but remember dehydration is real and drinking water would keep you hydrated and that includes your lips.

2. Place a slice of cucumber on your lips for 5 to 10 minutes to help hydrate your lips.

3. When your lips are chapped you end up with cracks, simple place aloe vera gel on your lips to help heal them.

4. Apply moisturizer to your lips in the morning immediately when you wake up.

5. Daily use of lip balm moisturizes and protects your lips from elements that work against them.

6. Avoid moistening your lips with saliva because they only make it worse.

7. Avoid citrus fruits during the dry/cold season because the acids drys and chaps your lips.

8. Sometimes dried lips might be due to toothpaste irritation, so change your toothpaste.

This eight tips should tell you how to avoid dry lips this season; you can also use Vaseline and coconut oil they are just as effective as lip balm.

Also note that a constant unending chapped and dry lip might be as a result of yeast infection make sure to check with your doctor.