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39 West 29th Street
New York, NY, 10001
United States


Professional Make-Up and Hair, Production Company based in New York City, New York. Discover their portfolio and business ventures. On Location or at our studio. Contact with inquiries. NYC Makeup Artist , Hair Stylist .



Neonfix Image Consulting

Fee Details

We are so pleased you have taken interest in our services. We think you will be very happy you gave this unique gift to yourself or someone you love. A full day is very comprehensive and a real treat. You will feel like a different person at the end of the day. Armed with new knowledge, you will able to maintain the look we create together and actually learn to enjoy shopping for yourself.


Once you have set up your appointment, the process begins with you filling out our questionnaire. Then we'll need a full-length, current photo of yourself. For learning purposes only, we also ask you to cut out any clothing, accessories, hairstyles or makeup that appeal to you from fashion magazines and bring them with you (please bring at least ten). After we receive and review your questionnaire, a representative will call you to discuss your specific needs and arrange all necessary appointments.

Day of Meeting
If coming from out of town, We recommend you pack up the majority of your wardrobe. On the day of our scheduled meeting, you will come to our studio / your hotel room / home where you will have your consultation and wardrobe analysis. We ask that you have your wardrobe laid out for us to review. (Though this next step is optional (This step is NOT for men), We strongly recommend utilizing it)--- 

We will arrange for a makeup artist to meet you and together, review your makeup and beauty regimen. You will then receive a 2 hour intensive make-up lesson and professional eyebrow shaping. The other option is to have your makeup done at an in-store counter with no extra charge. We will leave during your make-up lesson to begin pre-shopping for your new look.  After your lesson, you will meet me at our studio or our store of choice where we'll have a private fitting room with a selection of outfits ready for you to try on.  For maximum efficacy, we sometimes choose a store where we can shop for clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup, creating at least three complete looks. The day concludes with your appointment at the hair salon where we give detailed instructions to the stylist. This is the final step to unleashing your inner goddess!


  • Image Consultation / Personal Shopping $250 per hour
  •  8-hour Full Day Wardrobe Makeover includes day booking, 5-6 looks, plus 1 hour of preparation and follow-up: A discounted rate of $1800 ($200 savings)
  • $1000includes 3 looks, 4-hour Half-Day Wardrobe Makeover 
  •  Shop your closet, $550
  •  Deluxe Package, $2350 includes 8-hour Full Day Wardrobe Makeover & Women's Beauty makeover package (see below). 
  • Women's Beauty makeover package, $550: haircut, color, highlights and makeup lesson, eyebrow package with fashion runway, hair and makeup expert. Allow 3-5 hours this is a one on one session.
  • Haircuts: up to $150
  • Color and highlights: up to $150
  • 2-hour Makeup Lesson and Eyebrow shaping with a top New York City makeup artist: $250

References are available upon request. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 646-450-5844 or email us at
For Manhattan Residents: The eight hours can be broken up into two 1/2 days. The initial wardrobe analysis will be done in your own closet on the first day and shopping will take place on the second day.

SHOP YOUR CLOSET Style Special Package

You have already spent a great deal of time and money on building a wardrobe, now let us show you how to make the most of it in just a few hours for only $550.

With Our “Shop Your Closet” Style Consultation package, we will provide you with a closet prep list to help you prepare for your wardrobe and closet makeover.  This helpful tool will maximize your “Shop Your Closet” experience, which includes:

  • A 30-minute image consultation at your home or hotel to evaluate your current style and personal goals
  •  Our image consultant, will supply you with beauty makeover tips and grooming recommendations, while discarding any old and unflattering makeup and personal care products
  •  A 2-hour wardrobe consulting, where we will get rid of all of your unwanted and unflattering pieces.  Sharing our tricks of the trade with you, Amanda will teach you how to create new looks with your existing clothing and accessories.  In addition, we suggest you photograph these outfits to create a personal style album to refer to!
  • We’ll also pin the pieces that will be updated with minor alterations so that a tailor can administer these changes.
  • We will help you separate all of your unwanted or unflattering pieces of value, so that they can be sent to a consignment store or a thrift shop for a tax write-off
  •  A 30-minute online shopping spree, where we’ll compile a list of the minor purchases that you will need to upgrade your image and wardrobe makeover for Spring 2013

Personal Shopper

If you are looking for a personal shopper to help you with your wardrobe makeover, don't look any further! Neonfix Style is the perfect place for your full image make-over. At Neonfix, each client fills out an in-depth questionnaire so that we can first analyze your personality, lifestyle, and ambitions. We then help you develop an original and enhanced style based on who you are and the results are always astonishing! Not only do you end up with a personal transformation but you'll also gain a life-long understanding of how style adds to your personal power.

What distinguishes Neonfix from all of the other personal shoppers are the goals of our consultants, they are tailored to each individual client. Yes, there are free services of personal shoppers provided to you by department stores, but sadly all in-store personal shoppers are driven by the commission they make. Your best interest is not always the ultimate goal they have in mind; it's mostly their commission. Top salesperson are usually promoted to the Personal Shopping Department, unfortunately no fashion education or experience is ever required. 

Here at New York Image Consultant, we want to get a very clear idea of what your needs are so we can help you achieve your goals in everything regarding wardrobe, hair, skin, make-up, diet and nutrition.

When it comes to a wardrobe make over we look for clothing that is the best match for you, and you'll be surprised, it's not always the most expensive option! Many in-store commissioned based personal shoppers will convince you that an expensive designer jacket is a perfect fit but that the matching designer tank top or pants are essential to complete the look, even if the pants don't fit!

Our Image Beauty Consultants may recommend a high quality jacket because it can be worn to many different occasions, however we'll help you find a unique, affordable tank top or a cute pair of inexpensive pants, that fit perfectly, to finish off the look. Doing so always creates a more interesting and unique look. This is one of fashion's best kept secrets.

For years, famous fashion icons have had a powerful talent for mixing and matching name brand designs with inexpensive quality made garments. Coco Chanel was famous for pairing real, expensive jewelry with faux jewelry. She had a knack for mixing and matching faux and real, inexpensive with expensive. Most prominent celebrity fashion icons wear designer clothing with basic affordable items.

Neonfix makes an appointment at the appropriate store and arrange an exclusive private fitting room, rooms that allow you to feel completely comfortable bringing in key pieces from your own wardrobe, where you can mix and match some of your best old pieces with the news pieces our consultants have helped you pick out.