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Professional Make-Up and Hair, Production Company based in New York City, New York. Discover their portfolio and business ventures. On Location or at our studio. Contact with inquiries. NYC Makeup Artist , Hair Stylist .


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Is Gisele Bündchen giving away Victoria's Secrets?

Neon Fix

Sources  say YES! This Brazilian, Billionaire, Bombshell has her eyes set on a market that she is all too familiar with. Gisele will be launching her lingerie line on May of 2014 in São Paolo Brazil. Coincidentally that is same month, and location that  her catalyst to fame Victoria Secret will be setting up shop. Even though she has been severed form VS for 7+ years. Is she biting the hand that fed her? Personally I think she will do just fine there are tits and ass in Brazil that need covering. I feel like this isn't the last time we will be hearing about this "battle of the bras." 

They say work with what you know, and I think Gisele knows her body, and underwear. 

Modeling her new line

Modeling her new line

P.S. Women of Brazil are Not that impressed.

So it seems doing promotion for HOPE LINGERIE(her new line) didn't go as she would hope. The women of the Brazilian government want to ban the sexy super models commercial. Which they say is promoting the wrong message for women. Meaning if you wear sexy lingerie and confess to a crime you can get away with it.

I'll let you be the judge of it #checkitout 

If you are not affluent in Portuguese she told her husband that she crashed her car, and went over her credit card limit! I guess you can get away with that in the US but those lines don't work in Brazil. 


-Tinisee Buckman