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Professional Make-Up, Hair, & Style Production Company based in New York City, New York. Discover their portfolio and business ventures. On Location or at our studio. Contact with inquiries.


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Kate Moss Sips Champagne from her own boob glass last night?

Neon Fix


Since turning 40 this year, Kate Moss has had her fair share of victories—from looking phenomenal beside Cara Delevingne in Burberry's fall campaign to (allegedly) giving Justin Bieber a much needed life intervention this summer. But Moss’s most glorious moment came last night when she sipped Champagne with Rita Ora, Suzy Menkes, and other fashion heavyweights from glasses fashioned from her breast.



The group was celebrating Moss’s 25 years in the industry at London’s 34 Restaurant, which in September announced it would be creating a Champagne saucer molded from Moss’s left breast. This Champagne coupe design has a long history: it originated with Marie Antoinette having one made during her Versailles days—and according to Moss, it's a privilege to follow in such a legend's boobfootsteps. "[Antoinette] was a very intriguing and mischievous character," the model said when the collaboration was announced last month.

The Moss glass isn’t available for purchase, but 34 and its sister restaurants The Ivy, Daphne's, Scott’s, and The Club at The Ivy will be serving drinks in them starting today. It's a nice gesture to get us closer to that exquisite erm...anatomy.

Photos: Getty Images

Beauty trends we weren't expecting from London Fashion Week

Neon Fix

From elephant tails to ombré eyes, here are the eight most INTERESTING beauty trends that London Fashion Week has thrown up from behind the backstage scenes so far



Sun damage de rigueur 
The fashion for freckles finally makes it way from the neck down as seen at Preen, where Nicola Joss, global tanning and skin finishing expert for St Tropez "took the delicate dusting of freckles down from the face and onto the chest, arms and legs." 

Giant bows 
Take a bow, a giant one, because it's time to super size accessorise say Sibling, under the helm of hair stylist Kenna. We love an Alice band n' all, though of this big trend we may have to bow out. 


Ombré eyeliner 
For Holly Fulton's faces - created in the name of "youth, elegance and modernity," explained lead make-up artist Andrew Gallimore - we think we spotted ombre eyeliner. From icy blue on the inner corners to an electric hue on the outer, yes Gallimore had taken the current trend for a dip-dye to the eye, using MAC's Chromographic Pencil in Hi-Def Cyan blended seamlessly into the Pure White shade by the time it go to the tear duct. We're now just waiting for eyelights. 

Brideshead revisited 
After a sizeable portion of ponytails (which even he admits he's bored of) it was only a matter of shows before international backstage hair stylist James Pecis did something different. But we had to wait until the Julian Macdonald show, where Pecis decided to veil the tightly cropped and braided head of hair belonging to the last model (wearing the £4 million wedding dress by the way) all over with lace cut outs for his take on bridal beauty. 

Lace n locks by @jamespecis @julienmacdonald #hair #lfw said @stiffyhm. Photo: @stiffyhm

Evangelical sweat beads 
Was it the lighting, was it the nerves, was it the thought they had another four days to go at LFW that had got the models into a cold sweat? No, it was in fact gel skin, carved and cooked into sweat-beads by Andrew Gallimore, the lead make-up artist for Teatum Jones who had spent hours the night before melting the creations in his microwave. Why was she sweating we asked? Inspired by a young Nina Simone, "the Teatum Jones girl is in an evangelical frenzy," he explained. 

Photo: @andrewgallimakeup

Pearl finish Princess Margaret manicures 
"Pearl finishes are the least forgiving. On little old ladies who wear pearl polish you can always spot every ridge and snag," admitted nail artist Michelle Humphries, the Maybelline nail expert who led the backstage pearl-on-pearl manicure team for Shrimps. But create it they did, with Princess Margaret as the inspiration: "The trick is to use a good base coat, and buff your nails beforehand," according to Humphries, and use a thicker polish just like Maybelline's Marshmellow. It's been a while, but we may just give pearl a whirl. 

Elephant tails at Bora Asku 
Apparently it's not just ponytails we'll be wearing in six months time, it's Nelly the elephant's tail too, as illustrated on the Bora Asku runway. 

Photo: Isadore Montag


Chain Nail 
Mariana Jungmann's manicure team decided to pierce nails and hang fine metal chains from the long, shiny tips like a gun-metal waterfall. Just mind how you text. 

Photo: @_zeromagazine