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New York, New York


Professional Make-Up, Hair, & Style Production Company based in New York City, New York. Discover their portfolio and business ventures. On Location or at our studio. Contact with inquiries.


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Neon Fix

Join the fringe heel fad, get a pair and rock and roll this season.

Giuseppe Zannotti African Queen Heels

See how gorgeous ladies rock their fringe shoes.

Here this gorgeous lady pairs her grey fringe sandal heel with a blue jumpsuit with cut out detail and a ray ban sun glasses. Keeping the look simple.

                                                               Grey Fringe

Here a light brown fringe sandal heel is paired with turned up ripped jean and a long black sleeted sleeveless T-shirt and accessorized with a similar colored fringe clutch and a cute costume glass. I especially love the ombre colored hair as it blends in with the fringe shoe and clutch.


                                                   light Brown Fringe

Here a deep brown fringe sandal heel is paired with short crazy jean, deep V neck white T-shirt, silver and brown handbag and white sheer blazers finished off with metallic retro glasses.

                                                      Dark Brown Fringe

Here a colorful fringe box heel shoe is paired with skinny ripped jean a peach sleeveless crop top with cut outs at the side and huge circle brown sun shade.

                                                          Colorful Fringe

Here a yellow fringe sandal heel is worn with skinny jean and a multiple colored sequin jacket paired with a yellow bag, gold chain bracelet and retro sun shades.

Yellow Fringe

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Neon Fix

Imagine after workout, you see your weave extensions are all messed up and if you are the type that sweat a lot on the scalp during workout this keeps making your weaves difficult to comb and all you want is to keep fit but it seems your beautiful weave is getting frizzy. As if that isn’t enough, the weaves are just a week old and it already smells like damp clothes. How do you have our cake and eat……

So here are some tips to help maintain those weaves during workout

  • Try as much as possible to keep your hair away from your face or neck. Pull it in a high ponytail or bun. Don’t try a low ponytail because of your neck and shoulders. Ensure it isn’t a very tight ponytail so as not pull out your weaves. (too tight ponytails can also cause headaches)


  • Use headbands or silk scarves to help keep the weave in place. Headbands can also help to absorb sweat from the forehead and scalp.

                                                          Keeping fit and chic

  • Clean your scalp with antiseptic moisturizer after work out. This can help prevent bacteria or mildew and also provide the scalp with proper nutrients needed. You try the tea tree oil; it is known to also prevent tangling of hair.
  • Wash your weave with mild pH balanced shampoo at least after each use. You can do this yourself (don’t forget lukewarm water should used and endeavor to blow dry the weave after washing) or in the salon.
  • Applying leave-in conditioner or deep conditioner to your weaves can help to bring back its natural bounce and smelling fresh.

                                                          Work out

  • Never go to bed with wet weaves. Wrap your hair in a satin scarf and don’t tie too tight so as prevent tangling. For wavy hair, matte before going to bed.

Keep fit and healthy with your weaves. I hope I have been helpful with these tips? I would love to hear from you guys, feel free to leave your comments in the comment box *kisses


Neon Fix

There are many bags designed for different occasions, so picking bags for this different occasions is obviously a tiresome task, making a mistake in deciding the perfect bag for thatoccasion is something you try to avoid. Everyday, I come across ladies who carry clutch to work or shoulder bags to the night club which screams odd.

Seeing ladies under accessorize their perfect outfit because of a mismatched bag has become a daily sight. Here are some tips in picking that ideal bag for that particular occasion.

  • Satchels: these are bags designed for working women. They are usually with two handles and perfect for carrying documents, lunch, money with adequate spaces.


  • Hobo bags: these bags are the casual or weekend outing bags and can be easily worn on the shoulders.


  • Backpacks: The backpack is usually worn on the back. They are most commonly used by guys especially since the advent of laptops. They are very useful as luggage bags for travel or to schools.


  • Messenger or Sling bags: They are often worn across the body or the shoulders. Commonly seen among the teenagers and college students to schools or casual dates.


  • Tote bags: Tote bags are huge size bags that are very spacious and can carry anything. it is a common trend among the beach lovers to carry their towels and it is opened at the tip to allow ease stuffing of goods.

                                                               Tote bag

  • Bucket bags: Just like the name, they are bucket-shaped and one-handled, very spacious and can be worn on or across the shoulders. They can be carried for everyday errands, casual dates.


  • Clutch: small purse without a strap capable of picking few things such phone, credit cards. Good for date nights, dinner.


  • Envelope purses: These are ideal for dinner or movies, looks like an envelope and can only take few things like cosmetics phone.


  • Minaudiere: These purses are very trendy and common. They are those embellished or stone-plated purses, ideal for wedding, dinners.



Neon Fix

Blue lipstick is officially a trend!!!!!!  It’s here and you should try it. From celebrities to the average normal girls are seen on the blue lips. But one important thing about this blue lips is how to pull it off. The blue lipstick may be very odd but it’s very lovely when applied correctly. And it obviously has very nice benefits; it makes your teeth look whiter and gives you that youthful appearance.

So when going for the blue lips, you want to look for the right shade suitable for you. Cooler blue is best on warmer shades but  deep smoky navy shade tends to look good on every shades of skin. Don’t forget the lighter you are, the more the color pops. Also, go for simple and minimal make-up no loud colors of eyeshadow or heavy blush, you don’t people to stare or run from you. Mascaraand eyeliner are absolutely perfect for the blue lips. remember, always line your lips (using blue ornude lip liner, primer) so you can define your lips. Finally, ensure your foundation is even and neatly applied, you don’t want a muddy look.

Here are some blue lips looks

It's Blue all the way


Blue is lovely and Chic


Blue lips are sure trendy!!!!!!


Now that’s sexy, blue lips says it all.


The teeth are so white



Nothing like the blue lip


Blue is royalty and magical!!!!




Neon Fix

Like the title goes,"these are the looks you won’t resist this Friday" ask why? because they are simply irresistible. I’ve always shown love for the minimalist look and that’s why colors like beige, nude, black, white appeal to me because they are not only soft but they have a way of being minimal and banging all at once.

This Friday night style however has other shades and tones that make the minimalist fashionista excited, and of cause because they are simply elegant and well put together you would love this looks right away,

Starting off, this gorgeous white with black strip play suit paired with a black mule sandal and fur clutch is perfection. Trust Ashleigh for the best playsuits.



The ability to pull of a crisscross sandal in the most refreshing way is a skill that rings rare, but miss Enocha pulls it off in an irresistible way and the dress… No words.


Colors can play around and not look overwhelming and Lacen sure wears it well.


Three colors you never knew would go together, at the end Layllah proves that it works out well.


Cool, calm colors are white, nude, beige etc and to pull it all off in one look and still come out irresistible… Bow.


Some people think lemon yellow is over powering, I think it is comical and refreshing so does Kristy.